The Branded Image Package

“Clothes do not make the person, but in the eyes of others you often become what you wear!”

Is your outer appearance consistent with your brand? Through the initial branding process, you may have discovered that your brand is more adventurous than your corporate wardrobe reflects or that your brand attributes and career goals are are more sophisticated than your current “casual Friday” look. Heather will help you craft an authentic look that will not only make you look your very best, but also most effectively project your personal brand. Having an authenticly branded appearance will help your target audience identify you more quickly as a member of their “tribe.” The message you send will be clear and consistent from the moment you walk in the room.

  • Color analysis—Discover what colors work best for you, making you appear more vibrant. Learn the psychology of colors to empower your choices in reflecting your brand. Heather will make specific recommendation for your needs, including color choices for video and headshots. Includes a set of personalized color swatches.
  • Figure analysis—Discover the silhouettes that best suit your body, make you look most proportioned, and tricks for looking immediately taller and thinner (or shorter & fuller) if that’s your goal.
  • Personal style analysis—Discover what your personal style is so you can be consistent and create a cohesive and totally polished image. This includes hair and make-up recommendations.
  • Branding your work wardrobe—With you color, figure, and style analysis in hand, Heather will help you create an authentically branded look that is appropriate for you and your goals. We will start with a review and recommendations for 1-2 work ensembles. Heather will make specific recommendation for future purchases.

Deliverables: Complete color, figure, and style analysis, branding suggestions for your current look, suggestions for new work outfits, hair and make-up recommendations Investment: $600

A La Carte Image Consulting Services

Special Event Dressing Do you have a special or formal event in your future?  Perhaps your company does an annual holiday party, or you are involved in a charity that throws a big gala every year. With her many years of stage and performance experience combined with her image and branding training, Heather has a unique insight on how to create a look that dazzles while keeping you feeling comfortable, appropriate and on- brand. You will look like a star and feel like one too. Includes initial consultation to assess needs, personal shopping or recommendations for wardrobe selection, jewelry, shoes, bag, and wrap. Hair and make-up recommendations also given. Investment: $75 an hour

Color Analysis You will be able to identify the exact colors that enhance your natural beauty. This is achieved through a draping analysis along with tips for make-up and accessorizing. You will receive a customized color palette. You won’t believe how handy it is and how much it impacts the flavor of your wardrobe. No more guessing at what colors work. With your personalized color palette you’ll know for sure! Investment: $175

Figure Analysis & Style Analysis Through analyzing your body line, you will learn how to balance your silhouette, camouflage figure flaws, coordinate your wardrobe, and how to use accessories and achieve your best look. We will help you find your unique ‘fashion personality’ by exploring your lifestyle, behaviors, and interests.  Understanding your shopping personality will eliminate wasting time and money on the wrong clothes. Investment: $200

Contact Heather or call at (781) 369-5063 to talk about your image needs and what you would like to achieve.