Stage Ready Performance Coaching

Do you have an upcoming live event? Are you giving a speech? Are you thinking about using more video in your marketing?

Then you need to know how to PERFORM!

We often spend so much time preparing our material that we neglect the most important piece of the presentation, the PERFORMANCE!

You can have the best sales copy, the most intriguing story or even craft a killer signature talk, but if you cannot deliver your content in an engaging, compelling and confident way, YOU ARE LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE.

If you want to be seen as the polished, high-value expert I know you are, then excellent performance skills are a must.

Heather recently coached me one-on-one for a  new television commercial for my company. This gave me an experiential understanding of how Heather’s unique operatic background combined with her brand savvy enable her to deliver polished, strategic results I could not have achieved on my own. I was amazed and overwhelmed by the responses when I posted the You Tube link to the final ad such as ”You’re a pro” and “You’re so natural.”

By getting the right coaching or you might say, the right brand translator, your audience doesn’t get bogged down by a muddied message, thus missing the whole point. Heather’s coaching made my performance appear easy, seamless, and most importantly, made the “voice” of Carole Kitchen CLEAR.
Maura Fredey, Owner Carole Kitchen and Bath Design

With Stage Ready Performance Coaching you will learn:

  • How to master your delivery in an engaging and authentic way
  • How to walk onto a stage to impress
  • How to capture and hold the attention of your audience
  • How to gesture effectively
  • How to become more likable on camera
  • How to carry yourself to exude confidence
  • How to overcome stage-fright
  • Tricks and tips for remembering your words!

Additional coaching includes:

  • How to dress for the stage (Hey, you’ve got to look the part to get paid like a star!)

With over 30 years of performing experience, this is my sweet spot. If you want to be a more confident, polished performer next time you hit the stage or step in front of a camera, this program is for you!


Remember, the higher the perceived level of expertise, the higher perceived value which means more money in your pocket!