"How To Add Thousands of Dollars To Your Monthly Income Using Signature Talks Onstage Or Online"

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to consistently and exponentially increase your profits from just one signature talk.
  • How to use signature talks to attract ideal clients even when you’re not on the stage.
  • How to leverage the power of a signature talk to establish your status as a high-value expert and gain more exposure for your brand.
  • And how to avoid the NUMBER ONE mistake most entrepreneurs make when speaking that costs them big time!

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If you're looking for an easy, clear and repeatable way to attract ideal clients, sell more of products and service and dramatically increase your brand visibility, you won’t want to miss this. I’m going to share with you how creating just one signature talk can completely transform your business and quantum leap your profits! 

Gayle Nowak

Before working with Heather, I’d written and re-written my signature talk on my own. It never felt right to me and I was reluctant to get in front of an audience with it. Heather provided me with the structure and the guidance to create a sizzling talk that I am proud of. The first time I went out with my new talk, almost everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. The lights went out before I got on stage, I forgot my lines and I was grieving from an unexpected personal loss. Despite all that went wrong, I was still able to connect with my audience, deliver valuable content and make sales. The next time I went out with my talk, I nailed it. So far, I’ve earned more than $3,800 from these two speaking engagements alone and I still have more leads to follow up on! Don’t waste time spinning your wheels trying to write your talk on your own because Heather and her Close Any Room program will shortcut the process. Plus, you’ll earn your investment back (and then some) FAST!

Gayle Nowak The Story Stylist

Whether you want speak on big stages, give small presentations or host your own webinars online, it's totally possible to dramatically increase your income by consistently giving just one well-crafted signature talk IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. 

It doesn't matter if you're a business coach, accountant, realtor or angel practitioner, ANYONE can learn how to become a profitable speaker with the right strategy. Don't miss out on this juicy, high-value content to learn how. I spell it all out for you and its FREE so you have nothing to lose except missed opportunity. SIGN UP BELOW.

WARNING:  We only have 1000 spots on our webinar system available and space will fill up fast so register now to avoid missing out.  This webinar is packed with high quality content and will fill up fast!

This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!

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