Clear Voice Brand Foundation Package

Find Clarity, Focus and Purpose to bring more meaning and joy to your work!

Great personal brands are based on clear personal visions and are infused with passion.  Unless you have a clear sense of purpose, your brand will be on shaky ground. This package is designed to help you connect with the core of what matters most to you so you can project your personal brand with authenticity and authority. As a result, you can enjoy more satisfaction in your work and attract a loyal and enthusiastic tribe of followers.

Do YOU sometimes struggle with:

  • Feeling unsure of the best direction to take your business?
  • Worry that you are not doing the work you are “suppose” to be doing?
  • Feeling your work and life lack purpose?
  • Having too many ideas about what to do in your business, without a clear path to follow?
  • Wishing you could bring more of YOU into what you do?

NOW IMAGINE…waking up every morning with renewed energy and passion for your work. IMAGINE feeling a clear sense of direction and purpose in what you do. IMAGINE attracting an enthustiastic audience who is HUNGRY for what you offer! It IS possible.

In the True Voice Brand Discovery Package you will:

  • Indentify & prioritize your goals so you feel focused and less overwhelmed by your to-do list.
  • Follow a step-by-step program to unearth a clear vision for your life and business.
  • Discover how to tap into your passions to give you renewed energy and focus for your work.
  • Identify and prioritize your core values to create a guiding beacon for your business.
  • Identify what matters most to you giving you a greater sense of direction and ease.

As I am a naturally shy person, I was nervous as I started the branding process, however, I moved forward because I know Heather to be a kind and sensitive woman. Going through the process I also learned she has a gentle manner and keen intuition. She knew how to ask the right questions that directed me into myself and shifted my perspective. As a result, I feel more grounded and genuine. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a person to guide them in the process of personal branding to start here.  This has been an exciting process that has redefined my self-image and my life.  I am truly grateful.–Dolores Bonaccorso, Salon 2323

What is the process?

  • A 1/2 hour consultation to identify your specific objectives for your business.
  • 4  45 minute phone consultations.
  • Unlimited email access during the course of the program for personalized feedback throughout your work.
  • Includes step-by-step,  easy to follow templates and exercises to help you unearth your brand.

What are the valuable take-aways from this package?

  • A clear vision for the direction of your business so you can move forward with confidence.
  • A deeper sense of meaning and purpose to your work so you feel a strong sense of satisfaction and connection to everything you do.
  • A well defined game plan for achieving your goals so you can work effectively and efficiently to grow your business.
  • A solid foundation for an authentic personal brand based on an authentic and organic process.

*BONUS* A 1/2 hour follow-up call 1 month after the program to assess progress and set new goals.

Are you ready to know the power of your own voice and capture the hearts and minds of your ideal audience?

To schedule a FREE strategy session and discover if this package is right for you, contact Heather or call at (781) 369-5063